1 bedroom House for Sale at Apolonia City

1 bedroom House for Sale at Apolonia City

1 bedroom House for Sale at Apolonia City

Address East Legon Abotsi, Accra Ghana.

For Sale


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This 1 bedroom house is located in Apolonia City.                                                                   

This Gated community House comes with a Bio full skeptic tank, Aluminium long span roofing sheets and Plasterboard ceilings and a kitchen sink.

This Classic House can be also expanded to a 3 bedroom house.  This Gated community is in an array of meritorious Houses in Apolonia City. And it is complemented to be one of the best community houses in the area.

This House comes with Features such as:

24-hour security 
Backup water supply
Surface car parking
Biofill skeptic tank
Aluminum long span roofing sheets
Plasterboards ceilings


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