3 Bedroom Semi-detached House For Rent In Tse-Addo

3 Bedroom Semi-detached House For Rent In Tse-Addo

3 Bedroom Semi-detached House For Rent In Tse-Addo

Address East Legon Abotsi, Accra Ghana.

For Rent


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3 bedroom Semi-Detached house for rent in Tse-Addo.

This gated house is located within an inviting environment in Tse-Addo, arguably one of the most self-sufficient, neighborhoods in Accra. With close proximity to major locations.

This unfurnished house comes with an ensuite master bedroom, 2 additional ensuite bedrooms, a maids room, fitted wardrobes, a balcony, a study, an open plan living area and an open kitchen.

This gated house has amenities such as:
Surface car parking
Maids room
Fitted wardrobes


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